Friday, December 10, 2010

de-constructing power

how power can be de-constructed by replacing the machine with the sunflower?

The cow is in many cultures the symbol of power. In the east it's a symbol of spiritual power and in the west a symbol of financial power. I used the cow scull in the artwork to represent this symbol of power. I placed the cow scull as head on a rusted cage, that represent the body of society. The cage is extended on the left side and inside the extended rusted wire arm is a de-composing wooden stick wrist and hand. In the right side of the body is one de-composing wooden wing. The tail of the body is an rusted motorcycle or bicycle chain. The whole body rest on a wooden frame with a big rusted mouse trap inside. The mouse trap is de-activated. And there is some corn and sunflower seeds inside that can be eaten.
The focus of the artwork is the dried sunflower heart that hang inside of the rusted wire frame body. In the front of the dried sunflower heart and fastened to the rusted wire frame body is two rusted keys. They are symbolic of beauty and goodness. And it connect this artwork, that is about truth, with the values of beauty and goodness.

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LaMont Sudduth said...

strong work Pieter-thanks for sharing insight , glad to find your blog!

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