Friday, December 10, 2010

innocent soldier

how man is a innocent soldier in life?

Life is much like war. We are place in situations where we are required to do things, that make us look cruel and mean. For example when you are a boss and you have to fire a worker that don't do his work. To the worker and his family and also to his fellow workers, you his boss, appear to be the cruel and mean person. But you are just doing your job. You stay innocent. You do what you must do. Just like a soldier that goes to war. His job is to kill the enemy. It may seem cruel, because there is killing involved. But it's killing out of innocence. It's a soldier just doing his job.


Brenda said...

Love this one!!! So colorful and creative. I would say this is my favorite art piece :) Wonderful work Pieter!

pieter keeve said...

Thank You Bren!

Anonymous said...

hmm... not so sure about the example with the boss.. There are some just like to be bossy. They dont really do their job but just like to express the power they have got.. Yes, the colours are nice. Not sure which one is my favorite yet, lol Kate

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