Sunday, December 12, 2010

organic art

Most people today are more aware of consumer products than nature. Thats why I combine the consumer products with found objects from nature, to put both on the same level. To make people aware of nature also. And to show that nature has the same rights as the consumer products. I also co-create with nature in a way that I leave consumer products outside exposed to the elements of nature. The rusted pieces of metal I use is a good example of how nature co-create with me to produce a found object that I can use in my artworks. In that way the consumer found object also become more like nature and on the same level of nature. The rusted piece of metal turn brown like the ground and trees. When I do use paint, I use eco friendly paint with no strong chemical smells that can harm nature and people. I use paint and low energy color lights as a way to focus attention to nature and in a symbolic way to label the found objects. For me red is symbolic for humans, blue is symbolic for machines, green is symbolic for nature and yellow is symbolic for culture.
I applied this method of co-creating with nature in the following artworks:

The first three artworks is about the three basic players in society: Love, man and women
"de-nature love" is the heart of my art, and it is the starting poing of my de-constrution of the eight major concepts of society. And searchin for a new way of living an organic life. The next two artworks "innocent soldier" and "bone of my bones" is about the male and female principle in society and in the individual.

The following three artworks is about the the three basic activities in society: work, eat and sleep
"the organic machine" is about a new organic principle for work,
"color of grits" is about the fascination with food and
"bed of wings" is how the basic activity of sleep can get some mystery with dreams.

The last three artworks is about the three basic values in society: goodness, beauty and truth
"de-composing justice" is about how labeling and judging people can help society and each individual to find goodness again,
"re-framing beauty" offer hope for the ecological crisis we are facing by re-framing the way we see beauty and
"de-constructing power" is replace the old concept of truth that is based on machine precision with a more relaxed natural way that of the sunflower.

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