Friday, December 10, 2010

the organic machine

how nature is can be the new machine that drive our work?

In our Society, work is usually associated with routine and repetition. It's like most the force that drive our daily work is very mechanical and machine like. This artwork suggest work that is driven by a new machine that is more natural and human, the organic machine. Work that take into account the emotional and body needs of man. The red spine painting in the artwork represent this part of work.
The green scientific flask in the artwork, represent a work that take into account peoples health, and also nature. It's a work that realize the importance of health and nature.
The blue vice grip in the artwork represent the technical and technological aspect of work. And it also suggest a more organic technique or technology.
The final part of "the organic machine" is the flower of culture and art. A work that take into account the importance of beauty in work.

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