Friday, December 10, 2010

re-framing beauty

how beauty can be re-framed by putting nature in the center instead of culture?

Traditionally artworks is framed with parts of processed nature like wood or part of processed culture like metal.
With my artwork I reframed art or beauty by placing a part of raw nature in the form of a beautiful curved tree branch in the centre of my artwork, mounted on a piece of raw culture, a rusted piece of metal.
With this artwork I want to communicate that the real work of art is in fact raw and unprocessed nature and culture.
I "framed" the primal and raw pieces of nature and culture with two artworks I placed next to each other. The top art work is a tradional landscape, one painted by my grandmother, who was an tradional artist. And the bottom artwork is one of my abstract artworks, an inner landscape, painted in the spirit of Jacson Pollock.
The raw and unprocessed centre pieces also connect the top outer landscape and the bottom inner landscape. And it also transcend the outer and inner landscape.
I also fastened pieces of my abstact artwoks with screws onto the top traditional outer landscape painting. To complement the lack of emotion and inner landcape in the traditional outer lanscape painting.
And I internalised the frame of the tradidional landscape painting, by fasten pieces of rusted metal by wire onto it.
A green neon low energy light at the top, symbolically of nature. And a yellow low energy light at the bottom, symbolically of culture.
The two neon lights is also in the spirit of tradional marketing. In this case its marketing for raw unprocessed nature and culture.
Both lights got swithces that can be turned on by the viewer, to interact with the artwork.
The artwork is also stand against wall and do not hang on a wall like tradional artwork.

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