Friday, December 10, 2010

de-composing justice

how justice can be de-composed by dividing people in two camps of sheep, the good people and goats, the bad people?

A time ago, I went to a very painful time, and to express my pain, I constructed a cross with decomposed wood and skull of a sheep on the cross covered in red paint splatter with a sword through his heart.
I also created another artwork in the typical Jacson Pollock style. But unlike him, I also used tree brances and a goat's skull with the same sword as previous artwork through its head. Symbolically as my victory over the pain my life.
I deconstructed both artworks and created a new artwork out of the previous two artworks.
Using the decomposed wood of first arwork to create two "camps".
I put the skull of the goat in the left camp and the skull of the sheep in the right camp. Symbolically related to the judgement day when God will separete the bad and good people.
Using the same sword as in the previous two artworks, with different meaning: sword of truth that divide good and evil.
I also connected the decomposed organic material with new nuts and bolts symbolic of hope and blue light in the goats camp and red light in the sheep camp each with a light switch for the viewer to interact with the artwork. They can either turn on the red light or the blue light. Choosing justice or injustice.

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Retha said...

Very interesting. What does the colors symbolize to you, that you put red light in the sheep camp and blue in the goats?


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