Sunday, December 12, 2010

organic art

Most people today are more aware of consumer products than nature. Thats why I combine the consumer products with found objects from nature, to put both on the same level. To make people aware of nature also. And to show that nature has the same rights as the consumer products. I also co-create with nature in a way that I leave consumer products outside exposed to the elements of nature. The rusted pieces of metal I use is a good example of how nature co-create with me to produce a found object that I can use in my artworks. In that way the consumer found object also become more like nature and on the same level of nature. The rusted piece of metal turn brown like the ground and trees. When I do use paint, I use eco friendly paint with no strong chemical smells that can harm nature and people. I use paint and low energy color lights as a way to focus attention to nature and in a symbolic way to label the found objects. For me red is symbolic for humans, blue is symbolic for machines, green is symbolic for nature and yellow is symbolic for culture.
I applied this method of co-creating with nature in the following artworks:

The first three artworks is about the three basic players in society: Love, man and women
"de-nature love" is the heart of my art, and it is the starting poing of my de-constrution of the eight major concepts of society. And searchin for a new way of living an organic life. The next two artworks "innocent soldier" and "bone of my bones" is about the male and female principle in society and in the individual.

The following three artworks is about the the three basic activities in society: work, eat and sleep
"the organic machine" is about a new organic principle for work,
"color of grits" is about the fascination with food and
"bed of wings" is how the basic activity of sleep can get some mystery with dreams.

The last three artworks is about the three basic values in society: goodness, beauty and truth
"de-composing justice" is about how labeling and judging people can help society and each individual to find goodness again,
"re-framing beauty" offer hope for the ecological crisis we are facing by re-framing the way we see beauty and
"de-constructing power" is replace the old concept of truth that is based on machine precision with a more relaxed natural way that of the sunflower.

de-nature love

how love is being de-natured ?

The artwork represent what happen when love is taken out of society. The artwork is the starting point of my de-construction of the eight major concepts in society, when love is taken out of each one. It's like an conceptual archeology. And at the same time it's also a re-construction of the eigh major concepts of society flowing from the new understanding, after the de-naturing of love.
The eight screws is symbolic of the eight concepts in society that is expressed in the eight artworks that will follow.

Friday, December 10, 2010

innocent soldier

how man is a innocent soldier in life?

Life is much like war. We are place in situations where we are required to do things, that make us look cruel and mean. For example when you are a boss and you have to fire a worker that don't do his work. To the worker and his family and also to his fellow workers, you his boss, appear to be the cruel and mean person. But you are just doing your job. You stay innocent. You do what you must do. Just like a soldier that goes to war. His job is to kill the enemy. It may seem cruel, because there is killing involved. But it's killing out of innocence. It's a soldier just doing his job.

bone of my bones

how women is created out of one rib bone of man?

In Paradise, The Garden of Eden, God said that it's not good for man to be alone. So God put man into a deep sleep and took one of his rib bones out of his side. He then created a women, an equal but opposite partner to be with him in the garden.

the organic machine

how nature is can be the new machine that drive our work?

In our Society, work is usually associated with routine and repetition. It's like most the force that drive our daily work is very mechanical and machine like. This artwork suggest work that is driven by a new machine that is more natural and human, the organic machine. Work that take into account the emotional and body needs of man. The red spine painting in the artwork represent this part of work.
The green scientific flask in the artwork, represent a work that take into account peoples health, and also nature. It's a work that realize the importance of health and nature.
The blue vice grip in the artwork represent the technical and technological aspect of work. And it also suggest a more organic technique or technology.
The final part of "the organic machine" is the flower of culture and art. A work that take into account the importance of beauty in work.

color of grits

how white colorless grits can get color?

Everyday many people in many parts of the world, eat grits as their staple food. What fascinate me is that the colorless grits get color when used by different people in the different sectors of society. In the center of the artwork is an old rusted bowl that people use to eat grits in. The sides of the artwork is chicken feeding stations. They are symbolic of the consumer society we life in. The people in the Red Sector of society, use the white colorless grits to work with other Humans. The people in the Blue Sector of Society use the colorless grits to work with Machines. The people in the Yellow Sector of Society use the Colorless grits to work with Culture. And the people in the Green Sector of Society use the colorless grits to work with Nature.

bed of wings

how a bed can get wings with dreams?

Sleep is associated with a bed. And just like the other two activities of life, namely, Work and Eat. The Sleep activity is usually associated with routine and boredom. I want to create a new perception of sleep with this artwork, a perception that associate sleep and bed with dreams. The dreams is represented by the wings in the artwork. Just like the previous two artworks, there is the four basic colors that represent the four different sectors in society. Just with this artwork, it get internalized into the individual that is dreaming. The red is symbolic of the soul. The green is symbolic of the body. The blue is symbolic of techniques we all use in our personal life to get it ordered. And the yellow is symbolic of how each one of us got a certain degree of creativity that we can use to shape our dreams.

de-composing justice

how justice can be de-composed by dividing people in two camps of sheep, the good people and goats, the bad people?

A time ago, I went to a very painful time, and to express my pain, I constructed a cross with decomposed wood and skull of a sheep on the cross covered in red paint splatter with a sword through his heart.
I also created another artwork in the typical Jacson Pollock style. But unlike him, I also used tree brances and a goat's skull with the same sword as previous artwork through its head. Symbolically as my victory over the pain my life.
I deconstructed both artworks and created a new artwork out of the previous two artworks.
Using the decomposed wood of first arwork to create two "camps".
I put the skull of the goat in the left camp and the skull of the sheep in the right camp. Symbolically related to the judgement day when God will separete the bad and good people.
Using the same sword as in the previous two artworks, with different meaning: sword of truth that divide good and evil.
I also connected the decomposed organic material with new nuts and bolts symbolic of hope and blue light in the goats camp and red light in the sheep camp each with a light switch for the viewer to interact with the artwork. They can either turn on the red light or the blue light. Choosing justice or injustice.

re-framing beauty

how beauty can be re-framed by putting nature in the center instead of culture?

Traditionally artworks is framed with parts of processed nature like wood or part of processed culture like metal.
With my artwork I reframed art or beauty by placing a part of raw nature in the form of a beautiful curved tree branch in the centre of my artwork, mounted on a piece of raw culture, a rusted piece of metal.
With this artwork I want to communicate that the real work of art is in fact raw and unprocessed nature and culture.
I "framed" the primal and raw pieces of nature and culture with two artworks I placed next to each other. The top art work is a tradional landscape, one painted by my grandmother, who was an tradional artist. And the bottom artwork is one of my abstract artworks, an inner landscape, painted in the spirit of Jacson Pollock.
The raw and unprocessed centre pieces also connect the top outer landscape and the bottom inner landscape. And it also transcend the outer and inner landscape.
I also fastened pieces of my abstact artwoks with screws onto the top traditional outer landscape painting. To complement the lack of emotion and inner landcape in the traditional outer lanscape painting.
And I internalised the frame of the tradidional landscape painting, by fasten pieces of rusted metal by wire onto it.
A green neon low energy light at the top, symbolically of nature. And a yellow low energy light at the bottom, symbolically of culture.
The two neon lights is also in the spirit of tradional marketing. In this case its marketing for raw unprocessed nature and culture.
Both lights got swithces that can be turned on by the viewer, to interact with the artwork.
The artwork is also stand against wall and do not hang on a wall like tradional artwork.

de-constructing power

how power can be de-constructed by replacing the machine with the sunflower?

The cow is in many cultures the symbol of power. In the east it's a symbol of spiritual power and in the west a symbol of financial power. I used the cow scull in the artwork to represent this symbol of power. I placed the cow scull as head on a rusted cage, that represent the body of society. The cage is extended on the left side and inside the extended rusted wire arm is a de-composing wooden stick wrist and hand. In the right side of the body is one de-composing wooden wing. The tail of the body is an rusted motorcycle or bicycle chain. The whole body rest on a wooden frame with a big rusted mouse trap inside. The mouse trap is de-activated. And there is some corn and sunflower seeds inside that can be eaten.
The focus of the artwork is the dried sunflower heart that hang inside of the rusted wire frame body. In the front of the dried sunflower heart and fastened to the rusted wire frame body is two rusted keys. They are symbolic of beauty and goodness. And it connect this artwork, that is about truth, with the values of beauty and goodness.

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